During Conception & Pregnancy

  • Support healthy conception
  • Physical comfort
  • Relieves aches and pains of pregnancy, subtly supporting structural alignment
  • Supports sense of peace and well-being: since majority of disease (especially chronic disease) is stress related, BCST works at the root cause to support thriving of mother and growing baby
  • Establish/re-establish connection to baby in womb: the nervous system of an infant in and out of the womb is very slow, BCST gives a quiet container for mother to connect with Baby's slower pace, healthy attachment begins from the very beginning

For Infants & New Parents

Sessions with infants are always done together with parents.

  • Postpartum well-baby visit
  • Structural support: help restore shape of skull and general structural alignment from the strong compressive forces of the birth process
  • Breastfeeding support: difficulties sometimes related to structural issues (see above) or birth trauma (see below)
  • Attachment and bonding support: healthy connection between mother and baby is important for satisfaction and enjoyment during infancy and physical and emotional health in later life; the nervous system of an infant is very slow, BCST gives a quiet container for parents to connect with Baby's slower pace
  • Healing effects of traumatic or overwhelming birth experience, combined with my training in healing early developmental trauma we would address all the aspects listed above with the added emphasis on supporting parents and infant integrate traumatic experience and help settle nervous systems of all
I saw Eileen several for prenatal massage several times. The treatments really helped me deal with all the aches and pains of pregnancy, and it was a wonderful way to de-stress. Each visit left me feeling more relaxed and flexible. Eileen also provided plenty of emotional support for me during each session and took time to really listen to everything I was experiencing. She has a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy and birth, which she shared along with the excellent massage. I ended up coming back to her until the very day I went into labor.
— Michelle Lieberman