Whole Birth Yoga Workshop: Nurture & Connect With Yourself & Baby

a three hour workshop of yoga and self-care for mothers-to-be

This workshop begins with nourishing yoga practiced together for self-care during pregnancy and beyond. Following an hour of movement will be a time for mothers to discover communication with their baby. There will be practical exercises and discussion on how to enhance the bonding and attachment for a new family and those adding to already existing children. Healthy attachment begins even before conception so the principles will be useful and relevant immediately. Together we will create a brief ceremony for the welcoming of the small arrivals on their way.

The basis of healthy intentional parenting is a mother who cares for herself -- for physical vitality and presence of mind and feelings to be fully available for the joys and challenges of family life. Pregnancy is an ideal time to set goals for personal improvement because of the aim of parents to be the best that they can be for the benefit of their new baby. Meet a community of mothers who share your values in promoting health and harmony for a family that thrives.

Please bring snacks, water bottles, personal yoga mats and items for your comfort. Mats and props available in the studio. You may also bring any simple meaningful items to include in the welcoming ceremony.

The New Baby Survival Class Series: Teamwork as Parents for Mutual Support & Self Care In Your Infant's First Year

a three class series for families getting ready to conceive or are pregnant

Welcoming a new baby is both joyful, full of love as well as hard work and full of challenges. These classes address how to balance care for the baby’s needs, your own needs and that of the whole family. We will explore communication and support in a family system. Classes include informational talks and self and partner exercises for practical tools to birth and raise secure healthy children while enjoying parenting. 


1. How to read and respond to your baby’s signals

Raising healthy, secure children begins at the start of life. Emotional and physical health, immune function, ability to focus and learn, motor skills development, etc. in the short and long-term are supported by a sense of safety and love at the beginning of life. Both in the womb, during birth and after the infant is a sentient human with awareness of its environment and the ability to express wants and needs. You will learn how infants communicate and gain insight into the emotional needs of your new baby. A happy content baby supports happy family life.


2. self care & receiving support

Even before conceiving a child, it is helpful to understand oneself -- what throws us off kilter and how to come back into balance. A parent who practices self-care is more available to engage in family relationships as well as modeling self care for the children. This class will focus both on tools for self care during pregnancy, during and after birth. An introduction on how to handle challenging emotions in yourself and your child.


3. TeamWork as Parents & gathering a community of family and friends

Learn some simple tools for facilitating communication and mutual support to benefit your partnership as parents and the family as a whole. Explore fears and expectations around birthing and ways to support each other for an optimal birth experience. Children are able to feel more safe and loved when parents are working together. Enjoy connection with each other with the demands of family life, particularly during infancy and child's early years. Also, learn about how all members in the extended community thrive with strong family and community relationships (which were natural in traditional cultures) and brainstorm how to gather your village. 


Monthly Class: Healthy Harmonious Family Life in a Sometimes Hectic World

for all parents and any adults working with children

A community building event - for future parents, pregnant couples and parents of children any age - also welcome are family/close friends who will be involved in the care of children. Session includes body centered meditation, educational talks, individual and group exercises and discussion.

  • Foster your child's felt sense of being safe, loved and welcomed
  • Practical exercises to become more settled and attuned in order to communicate with and understand preferences, needs and emotions of your child
  • Understand how your early experiences, particularly adverse ones, affect your relationship with your child(ren).
  • The importance of self-care as a basis for caring for your family
  • Learn how to create support for your family within the extended community