Supporting Families During Conception, Pregnancy, Postpartum and Early Childhood

I offer services to support families to thrive. At the core of mental emotional and physical health of an individual is a sense of safety and healthy attachment to family and community. In addition to bodywork and movement education I offer parenting education and a method of trauma resolution to forge connection and bonding as a family. I can support your intention to parent more consciously and transform effects early adverse experiences or trauma imprinting so as not to express those in your pregnancy, birth and parenting. Each family will have a unique set of wants and needs so I can work with you to combine group classes and workshops with individual sessions. 

Eileen, the love and support you gave us helped immensely with the breastfeeding issues Rosie and I were having. It also helped me gain the confidence in my own instincts that I needed to grow into myself as a new mom. Love you.
— Julia Wojcik

My work is based in the recognition that infants and children are fully sentient beings who are capable of expressing not only wants and needs but also preferences and feelings about their experiences. Infants and children need to be included in communication about what is happening in order to orient in the present moment and feel safe. Just as we do as adults, they benefit from acknowledgement and recognition of wants, needs, preferences and expressions of feelings. Two fundamental needs of each human are healthy connected relationships with family and community and authentic self expression. As adults we need to let children know they will be safe and loved as they begin to individuate, even if that is different from their parents. At various stages of development this individuation process of children can bump up against our trauma imprints as adults. I can offer support to parents to differentiate early experience from the present moment challenges of parenting.

Private "well-baby" visits: post-birth well-baby visit which includes bodywork for structural support to help restore shape of skull and general structural alignment from the strong compressive forces of the birth process; breastfeeding support for difficulties related to structural issues or birth trauma; attachment/bonding -- giving a quiet container for parents to connect with Baby's slower pace, help parents work as a loving team and address any concerns