Sometimes when a new client comes to me and says, “My neck hurts, can you help me?” I wish I could put a TV monitor to my brain and share with them the last twenty years of my life. I wish I could show them years of work with Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, Massage, Breema, Yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic practitioners, Homeopaths, Hypnotherapists, Physicians, Reiki, sound therapy, cleanses, a counselor, a Rolfer and an Orthodontist (In addition to all my own reading and research). I ‘d like to relate how I found each practitioner, what worked for me, what didn’t work for me and the insight gained from each method and each practitioner. Through a holistic approach addressing mind, body and emotions I have learned a healthier approach to my life in both healing acute conditions as well as consistent discipline of health maintenance. Furthermore, I find that many others have similar stories of educating themselves and finding the support they need. 

For most Americans health care and medical care means crisis management. It takes some form of acute condition to begin thinking about taking action to improve our health. Many more of us, walk around ignoring discomforts to the point of taking these distortions as a norm. We learn mental discipline from an early age in school, but our education on how to deal with our body and feelings is usually limited to how to smell good, look good and how to act in a pleasing way to be polite and get along with others. Even the current infrastructure does little to support us—junk food for the body and senses fills most stores, restaurants and media.

The good news is, that the possibilities for restoring health are also abundant. Whatever your healing crisis, there is a way to feel better. You’ll be surprised at how often, if you keep searching, you’ll find the person or method that can help you get well, even when you thought there was no way. If your condition is irreversible, there are many ways to live more comfortably with your condition. What I have learned, though, is that in most cases there is no “quick fix” and no magic genie that will rescue us by laying out a plan for health and then hold our hand through every step. Just as in every endeavor, it takes setting an intention, following through and budgeting time and resources.

Below are some principles I have found useful along the way:

Develop your own inner guidance system. Trust your own intuition & common sense. Many of us surrender ourselves to expert opinion ignoring our own inner knowing. Each of us has an inner guidance system that can lead us to more health and harmony. Find ways to cultivate a connection to this wisdom.

Take charge of your own health! There are many health practitioners who have studied deeply and have become experts at their practice. But remember that even the most capable expert is limited in the scope of their knowledge. Assemble your own team to support your well-being. Be ready to do your own research.

You are unique with an individual set of circumstances of body, mind, emotions and constitution. Pay attention to what does and doesn’t work for you. Be open to new ideas and at the same time, don’t lose sight of what you know about yourself.

Find the support you need when trying a new approach. I often hear people say they want to change lifestyle patterns, heal without using drugs or surgery and/or find a more natural, holistic way. It helps to have a “coach” to support in identifying root causes, in creating a comprehensive and consistent program and monitoring of progress.

Make your health a priority in your budget. Don’t stop just because insurance won’t pay for it. Many of us limit our choices to what our insurance will cover. Recognize your well being as a long-term investment. The earlier you address many chronic and acute conditions, the easier the recovery process. Find the support you need and if it is covered in your insurance plan…even better.

Whether you are sick, in pain or just wanting to feel more vital, there are many more possibilities for health enhancement than you can imagine. Start talking to your friends and acquaintances about their experiences. Get on the Internet and research. Finally, stay persistent—if one health practitioner doesn’t have the answer, keep looking. Keep in sight that there is always a way to more harmony and vitality.