Yoga and Self Breema are for everyone, regardless of one's physical condition.

In our sessions together we will take your present condition as a starting point to developing increased body awareness toward more strength, flexibility and a healthier way of moving. In working with you I will draw from my over 23 years of study and experience in modalities of movement, bodywork and exploration of the inner world of subtle energy and consciousness. From my many years of study of Breema, being present in the moment and body mind connection are an integral part of every session together. This presence connects us with the common sense wisdom of our bodies for access to health on all levels. The benefit of private instruction is that the class is geared specifically for your individual wants needs and fitness level.  

Some reasons why my students choose private lessons:

  • Enjoyment the privacy of working one-on-one.
  • Learning basics in preparation to join a group class.
  • More in depth work while in group classes.
  • A specific goal of increased fitness and body awareness.
  • Rehabilitating from injury.

Each stage in life has its own unique needs and potential benefits. In addition to working with both healthy and injured adult students, I have experience working with infants, children, adolescents as well the elderly toward end of life.  

Some students come weekly for private instruction and others more intermittently.


Classes & Workshops

At this time my only public classes are Breema classes while yoga and therapeutic movement instruction is by private sessions by appointment.