Whole Birth Yoga: Nurture & Connect With Yourself & Baby

This one-day workshop begins with nourishing yoga practiced together as a self-care tool for pregnancy and beyond. Following an hour of movement will be a time for mothers to discover communication with their baby. There will be practical exercises and discussion on how to enhance the bonding and attachment for a new family and those adding to already existing children. Healthy attachment begins even before conception so the principles will be useful and relevant immediately. Together we will create a brief ceremony for the welcoming of the small arrivals on their way.

The basis of healthy intentional parenting is a mother who cares for herself -- for physical vitality and presence of mind and feelings to be fully available for the joys and challenges of family life. Pregnancy is an ideal time to set goals for personal improvement because of a common aim of parents to be the best that they can be for the benefit of their new baby. This can be a wonderful way to meet a community of mothers who share your values in promoting health and harmony for a family that thrives.

Please bring snacks, water bottles personal yoga mats and items for your comfort. Some mats and props available. You may also bring any simple meaningful items to include in the welcoming ceremony.